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SAI Hydraulic Motors

SAI Hydraulic Motors provide some of the highest efficiencies on the market, primarily due to their core technology: crankshafts, swivelling cylinders, and continuous displacement variation.

SAI hydraulic motors transform hydraulic power into mechanical power, creating solutions for industries such as construction and earthmoving, agriculture, mining, marine, and general industrial uses. 

SAI Products

Custom Fluidpower is the only Australian based company able to distribute, service, and repair SAI hydraulic motors. View the SAI Selection Guide to find the right hydraulic motor for your needs. 


SAI’s flagship product is its radial piston motor series, known for both high mechanical efficiency and high volumetric efficiency. Features of SAI radial piston motors include swivelling cylinders, double piston support bearings, piston retaining rings, a rotary axial distributor and an interchangeable distributor. Radial piston motors are available in fixed displacement, double displacement, or variable displacement.

Their hydraulic motor lines also include high speed motors and double shaft motors, with a range of customisations including pressure, speed, and controls. 

Shaft End Drive Units

SAI drive units come in fixed displacement, variable displacement, and double displacement. A radial piston motor is integrated with a single or a double stage planetary gearbox with a shaft end to maximise your uses. 

Wheel Units

SAI offers complete wheel drive motors and compact wheel drive units, paired with a fixed, double, or variable displacement hydraulic motor and gearbox.

SAI also manufactures accessories, such as hydraulic valves and pressure relief valves, distributors, and flow divider kits. Custom Fluidpower is the only Australian distributor that can offer spare SAI parts and SAI seal kits

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